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I'm addicted to books. According to Umberto Eco I am building an anti-library, meaning I own way more books than I have read. I love good fiction, literature, theology, Biblical studies, philosophy, children's books, and lots more.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle
The Wendigo - Algernon Blackwood I'm always looking for a good creepy story. In some ways this story gives me the sense that it could scare the willies out of me if I were reading it while on a camping trip in Canada. Blackwood did a better job of building tension in "The Willows." For one, the whole concept of a Wendigo was never really explored--it was left very vague. Sometimes vague works in horror, but when the reader doesn't understand the treat well enough to be really frightened it's time to give more details. Another frustration for me was a practically superfluous character that could have added so much to the dynamics of the story. The Native American character in the story, Punk, is barely mentioned and never plays much of a role. He would have been a great character to develop in order to help the other men in the story understand what is going on and why they should be truly afraid. (For instance, if I were writing the film script for this as a movie, I would rewrite his character to make him the star--maybe cast Daniel Day Lewis--tomahawks would be flying, bears would be fought with bowie knives, tracks would be found through impossible odds). But sadly, he is almost a footnote in this tale. All in all, I liked it fine but there were several lost opportunities in the story line.